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So glad you decided to stop by and visit friend! My name is Brittney LeighAnn Dowell. I am married to my sweet (and extremely smart) husband, Timothy James Dowell. We currently reside in Mississippi; a place filled with bliss and interesting people.

My approach to photography + cinematography is much like my approach to life; enjoying moments as they unfold in the present, and likewise preserving those moments. By not forcing poses or over complicating situations; simply enjoying the session brings out the best of anyone.

I work from home, and do not own a studio. I travel to location -- whether it be your home for a lifestyle session, or the great outdoors for something wanderlust. I prefer natural light aesthetic; meaning, I only utilize external lighting equipment if absolutely necessary. I feel natural lighting creates the most alluring scene, and produces the best image set.

If you are interested in a session, please do reach out to me on my contact page! Also, lets get together over a cup of coffee (or tea) and chat about a project, or just chat. I love photographing new sessions, meeting new people,and am always open to ideas and collaboration.


Brittney LeighAnn


Getting your photographs out of the digital world and onto the walls of your home, inside linen albums on your coffee table,  and produced as tangible prints -- is extremely important to me.

I believe the holistic experience of photography exists not only in taking the images and seeing them on the computer screen, but having them presented beautifully and available to pass onto generations as heirlooms that can be touched, held, and cherished.

Ask me about my line of studio products, and lets schedule a consult meet so you can see them for yourself!

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