It happened again. I woke up with a headache for the third day in a row. It was nearly 10am and my body wanted coffee (or caffiene, to be exact) I laid in bed for a few minutes; I just awoke from a lifelike dream. We were at a museum with some of my family; it was a hands-on art museum; probably a throwback to when me and my little sister went to Arkansas to visit a friend and go to a craft show- and we visited an art museum while there. You know when you go places in dreams and they feel like somewhere you've been before, yet there is a strange warped reality and you know if real life you've never been anywhere like it? Well this was one of those feelings. Anyways, we were walking around exploring the museum, and they had an exhibit/installation of play do with little flowers and pretty fake butterflys in it. Guests were invited with the playdough. Yes. This was definitely a warped reality-because I had been staying up until 12 most evenings with Ida playing with playdough...only this dough was much more elaborate. It was definitely an ideal. It was one of those Pinterest pins I had pinned up on a secret board but hadn't made yet. A sensory playdough. It was probably scented with lavender or something like that. A far cry from the mixed and mashed marbled (and partially dried) playdough that we were playing with. Anyways, were were playing with the playdough, and my mom says, " I don't know why we've never been here before!" so apparently it was a museaum in their hometown. We often talk about how its easy to take things nearby for granted. Like the time we lived in Virginia, and were only an hour out from DC. We only went 3 times in 3 years.  But this was when my mom had 6 kids. I can only imagine the feat of getting us dressed and ready in the morning, to load up into the car and go to a city full of moving people and cars. 

When I woke up from my dream, my heart felt heavy; because I was thinking of the little town we lived in, and how eager I was to leave. I was counting down the weeks. Tim was finishing up Grad School, and was expected to graduate in December, and here it was Auguest. Only 4 more months...yet suddenly, I began building a "bucket-list" in my head; or rather, the list just came back up. It was one I mentally created earlier that Summer, in June-when we thought we would be moving sooner. I wanted to go to the local cultural museum, I wanted to go to the archaeological museum on campus, the farmers market, the . I only had 4 more months. And this was the week before school started...perfect timing Brittney. If you are not familiar with living in a college town, here is what happens when School starts back. The roads become a game of tetris. Getting to the local conveinant store is not convienant. A trip that took 5 minutes over the summer, takes half an hour. Darn. I had let FOGO get the best of me again. FOGO. The Fear Of Getting Out. Its something something I struggle with, actually. Now my "excuse" is the feat of getting a toddler fed, changed, dressed, and in her carseat. To the location, happy throughout the trip, and back home. And yet before my "excuse" (I emphasize 'excuse' because although it is a very real feat, it can still be done. Mamas everywhere do it all the time. My mama did it with six kids. )

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