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Finding your rhythm

Does anyone else find that they work better in the early morning hours (or vice versa?) Like I'm talking, brain is the freshest it is all day. One morning, I got up way earlier than I had been to prepare for an event later that day. It was atleast 4:30am. After I got the coffee on the brew, bundled in a warm cardigan, and a little self reflection time...I felt so energized! In those 4 hours that I had to myself, I think I accomplished more than I had work wise than the previous week. Got some accounting done, got some client work in, had some time carved out to work on a few personal projects, got a few letters written, had some time to journal and devotional-and just to enjoy a cup of coffee and get inside my head. I am a big time introvert. I mean, I love people, but I need time alone with my thoughts-and having this time, gave me so much energy for the day! By 5pm, I was definitely tired and ready for sleep-but it was a good tired. A tired knowing I had gotten so many things checked off my list, was able to be present with my daughter without the frustration of trying to "get things done" when she needed me the most.

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