The endless scroll. The neverending pins. The random phone notes of website links, image downloads, unfinished sentences. The notebooks full of sketches, bits of color, magazine clippings. The random folders youve already forgotten about on your computer of images you may or may not spark joy.

Inspiraton and information is around us every where all day everyday-its impossible to get away from it! One of the "curses" of creativity is that we can never get away from our ideas. The fragmented concepts within our heads, on our phones.

5 Tips to reduce inspiration fatigue (and actually get those projects done!)

1) Gather 


become aware of your "saved" inspiration

Where do you gather most of your inspiration? Pinterest boards? random images on your phone? sketches and random bits of color and paper? Take 5 minutes to review. Look. Visually and intentionally. Answer this question: Why does this inspire me? Is it the color palette? Is it the way it makes you feel? Is it connected to a personal experience or aspiration of experiences you want to have? 

2) Analyze

Using this free printable/prompt, think aobut your aspirational and in process projects. Focus/save for later/discard. By writing these down, you can mentally and visually temporarily abandon and detox and focus your energy and thoughts on just those 3 projects. 

3) Curate

With your 3 focal projects in mind from the exercise above, curate your inspiration with this free moodboard template or however you please (some bullet journal inspiration) By isolating your inspiration that is applicable to your project, you can refocus your energy and thoughts.

4) Incubate

Ok. So this one is going to be a challenge. For 1 day, don't look at any of your inspiration for. No scrolling. No saving. No pinning.Suprisingly, your brain will work things out . Some projects take more time, others come almost immediately! If you are still really struggling with a concept,"mentally" abandon it by writing it down in the "later"  . Go somewhere that inspires you; it can be completely unrelated to what you are doing. 

5) Start Somewhere

Lets create! Now that you have gathered, analyzed, curated, and spent some time giving your brain rest and and physical self a break-plan out the steps for each project using this printable. 

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