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We partnered with our friends over at Little Adventures Dress Up to bring you this delicious Valentines Day DIY! Visit the Little Adventures Blog for outfit (and adventure pal plushie) details!

Adventure Trail Mix

A little bit of salty, a little bit of sweet; makes the perfect adventure pal treat! Here is how you can make your own for all your friends as you plan your next adventure.

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For our Adventure Trailmix, we used the following:

Pink ‘Princess’ Goldfish

Chocolate teddy grahams

Yogurt and chocolate covered raisins


White chocolate covered covered pretzels

Conversation heart candy


So many other fun and tasty ingredients to use for your Valentines Day Adventure Trailmix! Some other ideas include: variety of nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews),valentines m&m's , and circus animal cookies. What other ingredients can you think of?

Ida had fun mixing the ingredients, picking out the marshmallows, and stacking up the conversation hearts! Some learning opportunities to extend this activity would be to count conversation hearts, make pattern sequences with your ingredients (e.g. heart, goldfish, teddy graham, heart,goldfish,...what comes next?), and of course- taste test and describe each ingredient!

Divide your trailmix into clear plastic treat bags for the perfect little snack to give all of your adventure pals (pssst. Bethany Bunny liked it too!)

Add a cute free printable tag we designed just for you HERE and have fun, Pals!

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