Makeup (without the mess)

All dressed up and nowhere to go! During this strange time of social distancing, we are all trying our best to work together and conquer this virus. It can feel like a very discouraging and scary time. Trying to keep our children safe and entertained can be a challenge. We are thankful for Little Adventures dressup, because there is never a better excuse then now to stay home, wear dressup all day, and use our imaginations to pass the time!

To make the experience extra fun, we watched one of our favorite princess movies before I surprised Ida with the makeup kit. I told Ida she needed to get ready for a grand ball,helped  her change into her dress, then led her into the room with her makeup all set up on the vanity. I had music playing softly, and a warm lamp aglow for ambience. As she peaked into the room -  she was SO ecstatic! It is always so fun to see the magic sparkle in her eyes. Ida immediately started exploring her makeup; swept on a little blush, a swipe of lipstick, a touch of eyeshadow. She's been watching me put on my makeup; its amazing how much children observe from watching their mamas! I grew up watching and imitating my mother apply her makeup. Makeup is such a fun artform for self expression (and can help a tired mama look a little more awake and fresh,haha) I always try to emphasize to Ida, however, that makeup is optional. She doesn't have to wear makeup to be beautiful. Beauty comes from the inside -and how much more fun it is to wear makeup and let your inner beauty radiate from within?!                               

We were so impressed by the texture and life-likeness of the makeup.The eyeshadow palettes can be stacked and everything fits neatly into the cute makeup bag with room for more fun dressup items! 

Ida felt so grown up with her Little Adventures makeup kit. I knew immediately after playing with it, that this would become a classic toy she would treasure and create memories with for years to come.

I made some sweet makeup illustration word cards to add to the fun and creativity! You can download the printable HERE

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