Upcycled Princess Notebook

We love the opportunity to re-use materials! Here is a fun and creative way to let your little adventurer participate in a fun upcycling project! We upcycled the rectangular cardboard insert that was part of our Little Adventure Dress-up packaging - into Ida's very own enchanting princess notebook. 

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1) Rectangular piece of cardboard (the Little Adventures dress packaging insert is perfect for this!) 

2) Letter Size paper 

3) Hole punch

4) String

5) Art Materials; we used crayons, markers, a gluestick, feathers, and lots of sequins!

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Step 1

Decorate to your hearts desire!

On the matte (non-shiny) side of the cardboard insert, we made a creative mess and got to decorating! We used crayons and markers for color and sequins and feathers for extra princess pizazz. 

Other fun ideas would be to create an Adventure Log, a nature journal, or a photo album.

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Step 2

Make your Book

Fold the cardboard and letter size paper in half. The cardboard will be the book cover, and the letter size paper - the book pages.The pages should fit nicely inside the cardboard 'book cover' . Using a hole punch, carefully punch 3 holes about half an inch from the cardboards folded edge. With the folded letter paper pages on the inside of the carboard cover, use a pen to mark a dot onto the paper from the holes on the outside to give you a guideline on where to punch your holes so that they match up neatly.Using small pieces of string, simply tie a knot through the cover and the pages of your book. 

Try using a ribbon to make things extra fancy!

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Step 3

Record All Your Little Adventures!

We added a fuzzy pen to make Ida's princess adventure sketches extra fancy and fun! Depending on the age of your little adventurers, get creative with some fun drawing/writing prompts!  Here are a few examples:

Can you draw what you did today?

Where do you want to explore?

Lets draw 5 animals we see

What do you want to be when you grow up?

If you can only bring 3 things on your next adventure, what would they be?

There is no limit to creativity! Try tracing found objects, make leaf rubbings, glue miscellaneous paper scraps, use stickers, etc

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