Minimalism. We've all heard of it. Even the mama's. For us, it means simplfying our life with kids. Minimizing the clutter. Eliminating objects that cause physical an mental clutter. Letting go of aspirations and focusing on the now. Minimizing our laundry loads, etc.

We currently live in a two bedroom apartment. It is not our dream home, but it is spaciuos enough for the three of us. However, with my "hoarding" tendencies in the craft and clothing departments, I had been working hard to eliminate all the extras that hadn't been used. The extra picked up on the clearance rack that didn;t really fit me. The bag full of thrifted clothes that I got at a bag sale...but had never worn. The partially finished (and not even started) craft project supplies I had to have. I had read blogs and books and listened to podcasts about Minimalism and curating your wardrobe. While helpful, it is easy to fall into a mindset of thinking there is only one kind of minimalism. The kind with white walls, scandinavian furniture, and euclyptus. While I love all of these things, I wasn't considering my lifestyle when I began to bag things up to donate. I got rid of ALOT. And most of it I really didn't need or use. But then there were the moments of feeling like a failure, that I got rid of things I actually did like, but didn't think I needed while trying to fit a mold. 

I am writing this as I just dropped off a box containing a dusty blue cashmere sweater. I loved the fabric. Yet  I had already had it for a year, and hadn't ever used it for anything. I had steadily been going through my mounds of fabric pieces that I had been collecting for projects that hadn't been made. And yet, just a few minutes ago as I set down on the carpet with a cup of coffee, a book about Rag Dolls, and Ida sleeping-I had that gut wrengching feeling of regret. WHY DID I GET RID OF THAT SWEATER? I had just read about how cashmere was perfect to use for little clothing pieces for your rag doll. I thought I was weird for keeping scraps of vintage paper, bits of embroidered fabric, 

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