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We partnered with our friends over at Little Adventures Dress Up to bring you this magical adventure DIY! Visit the Little Adventures Blog for outfit details!

Winter Woodland Cocoa Picnic

A cool breeze scatters leaves into a soft carpet on the ground. Cold hands graciously cup a warm mug of cocoa brimming with fluffy white marshmallows, as sticky fingers stir the delicious concoction with a peppermint stick. We snuggle up and tell each other stories and relish each others precious company while giggling and making messes without so much as a glance to the setting sun fading in the distance - illuminating the sky with rosy, painterly hues. 'Tis a magical woodland cocoa picnic fit for a Renaissance Princess! Heres how you can setup your very own little adventure.

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1) Gather your materials

We searched our local thrift store for textiles and discovered all kinds of luxurious (bargain) treasures! A luxurious selection  of pillows, blankets, and our tent fabric; a large lightweight curtain panel. 

For our hot cocoa tray we included peppermint sticks, marshmallows, and butter cookies. We prepped our hot cocoa ahead of time and carefully poured it into a thermos to keep it warm while we were assembling our tent.

For a fresh and festive touch, we foraged for some evergreens. Other fun ideas would be a sprig of juniper berry, boxwood, or holly.

Tip: mix fresh greenery with an artificial decorative sprig for a full, less time intensive bough; rummage through your pre-existing holiday decor for pieces you already own!

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2) Choose your location

We found our magical woodland plot by searching for a clearing with two trees spaced out with plenty of room to lounge and play!

Pro Tip: make sure the ground is dry, or use a tarp underneath your spread to protect your textiles (and littles!) from the mud! We learned this the hard way...but thankful everything (including our little adventures dress!) is washable!

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3) Construct your tent

We wrapped poly/cotton twine between two trees; tripling the string to make it extra sturdy. Then, we simply spread our large tent fabric over the string to create the triangular tent shape. We placed found branches and rocks on the sides of the tent fabric to weigh it down.

4) Make it cozy

Now comes the fun part! Toss in your blankets, fluff up your pillows, and add cozy decorative touches to make the tent your very own luxurious lounging spot!

5) Savor your Festive Gathering!

Make a good mess, enjoy your sweets and treats, then do it all over again really soon! Memories in the making.         

Some more fun ideas for enjoying your tent could include a read aloud time with your favorite books, a board game, journaling time, or a nature scavenger hunt!

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