Frances & Theo - Brittney LeighAnn


What began as a quirky little illustration of a girl, a plant, and a cat in 2015 - turned into a two year experimental personal project in surface design, illustration, and product concepts. The project,'Frances & Theo' , ( named after the theoretical children of me and my husband at the time), came to life after the birth of our daughter in 2016. Little Ida 'Frances' brought tangible inspiration and fresh motivation to Frances & Theo, and I thank God for her. After graduating Mississippi State University with a degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising in 2015, as well as just completing a design & photography Summer internship with Fair Trade women's fashion brand,Mata Traders; promoting transparency through ethical production practices, empowering makers, and being good stewards of the environment-became core values to Frances & Theo. Frances & Theo is both a creative studio and curated shop. We are working to consciously design small, limited edition collections of products, as well as curate a selection of goods from makers around the world. Our hope is to help inspire and foster a more creative,intentional attitude and lifestyle. Frances & Theo is by no means perfect, nor will it ever be. It is an ongoing, and unfinished "experiment". We hope it continues to grow as we strive to learn through curiosity and creative play. As a mother, I view it as my duty to lovingly teach my daughter about her impact as a future consumer. Because of this, we are dreaming up and working to create fun and engaging ways parents can teach their children about fashion, and the powerful role we play as consumers. Read more about the FT LEARN project here. We thrive from collaboration and feedback,and know we cannot move forward without the support of a like-minded community! Please connect with us to share any collaboration ideas, thoughts or suggestions! Contact Us Here